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Halloween Party ft. Supatight w/ The Chit Nasty Band


"The band’s forte is tight, snappy funk tunes with a dose of reggae and the occasional bit of comedic country music."-

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Chit Nasty Band takes over with a Rick James-meets-Little Richard vibe, yielding a brand of funky rock that's louder than mixed plaids." -Independent Weekly

"Hailing from a galaxy beyond the edge of time, Chit and his band of interstellar space cats have entered our dimension to spread the good news that all life is music and music is sex. With tongue in cheek and a tongue in your ear, their nasty laser soulstorm of gospel chops will make you move in ways you never expected." -The Pinhook

Bringing together a beautiful fusion of Soul, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Rock, piano virtuoso Chit Nasty and his band are sure to leave their audience bedazzled... With an impressive display of showmanship, and a creative musical edge that makes each and every show unique, the band is sure to pack the house each and every time, making it so that not one head is still, and every set of feet in the house are moving and grooving. Let there be funk!

Earlier Event: October 27
Later Event: October 29
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