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The Polish Ambassador

The Polish Ambassador

Support: Mikey Pauker

Opening: Futexture

After a cornucopia of albums and countless gigs around the world, The Polish Ambassador has docked the mothership outside the embassy: A fitting stop for a Diplomatic Scandal to unfold. An amalgamation of funky beats, retro synths, and live instrumentation make up the bulk of this controversial saga. David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador first happened across special agent Ryan Herr (guitar, percussion) in 2015 while traveling the high terrain of Colorado. After a few years of scheming, planning and interstellar travels the 2 comrades chanced upon special agents Tyson Leonard (Violin) and Jesse James (Sax & Flute). Before long, the 4 intergalactic men of mystery had synthesized their scandalous affairs into musical form. Pulling from over a decade of musical styles and nuances explored by TPA, combined with the lush instrumentation of 3 seasoned instrumentalists, Polish & The Diplomatic Scandal are closing the gaps between live and electronic music.


Futexture is intricate electronic music for interesting people, written in homage to the boundless majesty of nature, the complexity and strangeness of being human, and the ineffable nature of individual experience. It is the merger of tradition and the incalculable future, dancing together on the razor thin edge of now. Its the result when David Krantz, a North Carolina native and multi instrumentalist, titrates his experience into sound.

David's style incorporates skillful synthetic sound design, reprocessed acoustic sound sources, and crisp hard-hitting production. Spanning the range between heavy bass music and contemplative jazzy downtempo, his versatility, depth of expression, and command over detail has earned him accolades from some of the most respected minds in forward thinking electronic music.

Futexture has released music through Gravitas Recordings, Aquatic Collective, Bluetech’s Critical Beats, Afro Monk Records, Circuitree Records, LessThanThree, Forward Thinking Sounds, and Kalya Scintilla’s Merkaba records. He lives currently in Asheville, NC.

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