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Keller Williams' Grateful Grass and Toubab Krewe


1. April 7 - Haywood Road Clean Up Day - East End  (West Asheville Business Association) - Image Attached

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Join us on Saturday, April 7, 2018 for the first Haywood Road Clean Up Day of the year. We'll be focusing on the east end of the road."

2. April 14 - Greenworks Env Awards and Trashion Show Gala event - 


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Our annual Environmental Excellence Awards with a twist!

Asheville GreenWorks is hosting The Awards and Trashion Show. This event features over 20 local designers in a runway fashion show. Each design only uses recycled and upcycled materials that were otherwise heading to the landfill. Join us to celebrate Asheville's leaders in the sustainability community.

"Flash Sale! Asheville Earth Day celebrates Asheville Greenworks -- The next 15 tickets purchased will include a FREE ticket to Keller Williams and Grateful Grass at the Salvage Station April 28! - Thanks to Asheville Earth Day! "


3. April 18 --Big Downtown clean up sweep  --Asheville Downtown Association and tons of Downtown Businesses participating with Greenworks (15 tickets)

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Thanks to Asheville Earth Day, we will award a limited number of FREE tickets to Keller Williams and Grateful Grass at the Salvage Station April 28!

 "The Asheville Downtown Association is partnering with Asheville GreenWorks for Downtown Clean Up Day on Wednesday, April 18 as part of Earth Month. The Clean Up will occur from 11am to 1pm, headquartered in Pritchard Park. 

On our recent Downtown Census Survey, 31% of businesses indicated that cleanliness is an issue in downtown, so here’s an opportunity to be part of a solution. 
We encourage businesses to sign up as a team, but individual volunteers are great too! We’ll partner you up with a group. All supplies will be provided and we’ll assign your team an area upon check in.
Let’s show downtown some love! 


4. April 21- Love your Trees Day DT Pack Square park - Greenworks and partners (15 Tickets)

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Wrap Asheville's trees in love this spring as we celebrate Tree Day. There are several ways to get involved:

1. Before the event, volunteer to knit a tree "huggy" from natural fibers. 
2. On the day before the event, help wrap the trees in Pack Square Park. 
3. Come to the event for fun, free activities and to learn more about trees.


5 April 21 - Connecting Beyond the Page - ( 15 tickets)

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"to celebrate Jay Leutze, Trustee for Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy and author of Stand Up That Mountain - and the environmental work of so many, Asheville Earth Day is supporting CBTP! The next *15 CBTP tickets purchased will also include a FREE ticket to see Keller Williams and Grateful Grass at The Salvage Station on April 25, and a 4-pack of Devil's Foot Beverage Ginger Beer!  Jay will be speaking about his work and about the process of his book being turned into a film at Connect: Beyond the Page. Get your CBTP tickets HERE!   (To get involved with SAHC through educational hikes, clean ups and more, visit"


Connect: Beyond the Page aims to bridge creative disciplines, bringing together musicians, writers, filmmakers, media personalities, and activists to unearth a myriad of ways in which art inspires us. The 3-day event boasts an eclectic lineup of panels, speakers, and performances by influencers including NPR's Bob Boilen, cellist and activist Ben Sollee, and so many more!


6. April  25 - Music Video Asheville presented by prestige subaru (10 tickets) 

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-Music Video Asheville, now coming into its 11th year, is an annual event that showcases the collaborations between filmmakers and musicians. Area bands submit their music videos and the best 90 minutes of videos are selected for a viewing and awards ceremony at Diana Wortham Theater in Downtown Asheville. The red carpet event is a celebration of the creative, unique and diverse music community we have here in the heart of Western North Carolina.- 


"The next TEN VIP tickets sold will also receive a FREE ticket to the April 28 Keller Williams and Grateful Grass show at the Salvage Station- thanks to Asheville Earth Day!" ($25 value, and if you want to sweeten the deal, a 4-pack of Devils Foot Beverage Ginger Beer $7.50 value)


Asheville Earth Day wants to  recognize and thank our amazing musicians and talented professionals that always give of themselves and serve our wonderful city - making Asheville the green, vibrant, artistic, musical city that we are. Check out Asheville Greenworks website HERE and see how you can get involved this Earth Month! Clean up on the river, plant some trees, get involved and make a difference! "



Also the email address for info about the show or anyone wanting to vend or have a booth is


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Keller Williams and Grateful Grass

ft. Andy Falco, Andy Thorn, Jeremy Garrett, and Travis Book

The Freeway Revival

Dedicated song crafting has always been the cornerstone of The Freeway Revival. A group forged on the road, they continue to use their lyrics as a window into the life of a traveling band. The Freeway Revival's explosive blend of southern rock, funk, and psychedelic soul encapsulates a sound that feels strangely familiar yet remains entirely unique to itself.

Performing live, The Freeway balances organized, well-crafted tunes with a jam ethos that lends a raw and explorative power to the music. The blend of tasteful guitar harmonies, vibrant four-part vocal harmonies, and a unique assortment of piano and organ melodies creates a soundscape that is both intricate and energetic. Rest that on the groove of a solid rhythm section, and you are sure to feel the magnetic force of this band! Each member plays a vital role in making the live experience unforgettable.

The band has toured relentlessly behind their self-titled EP as well as their full length 2017 release 'Revolution Road', continually growing a dedicated grassroots fan base. The process of writing, recording and touring is ongoing and exponential as they allow the livelihood of what they do to shape their sound and experience.


Big Blue

Earlier Event: April 27
Later Event: April 28
TurnUp Truk