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Asheville Singing Sessions | Free

Hey friends! So The Mothlight Singers have gotten kind of lonely lately and started missing you all and plus we felt all seasonal and joyful and yet mildly stressed about the coming year. So we decided we needed to reunite and sing. Sing loud. And in a big group.  

And when the Mothlight's schedule was already full and there was no room in their inn for us, the Salvage Station offered to open their big awesome Christmas Manger doors and take us in for the night! Talk about a Christmas Miracle!

So come and join us on Tuesday, December 20th! We will meet at 5:30 to talk and drink beer. Then at 6:00, we will grab lyric sheets and step up on to the old school risers, get inspired by the raw musical talent of our live band, and let loose! First, we will get our rock and roll on as we sing "Run, Run Rudolph" by Chuck Berry. We will then take a beer break. Then we will do it all over again with one more song! Everyone's favorite feel gooder, "We are the World!" And who knows, if we sing it loud enough, we might even wind up on someone's Twitter feed! 

The whole thing should take roughly an hour! Oh, and its free!, oh, and it doesn't require any talent or preparation. oh and if you have never joined us before, come and make it a first! Just show up. Get a drink. and make your own version of a joyful noise! After all, even the worst singing people sound good in large numbers, right? Ho Ho Ho!!!

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