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Wham Bam Bowie Band | $10



Genre: David Bowie!!!!!

David Bowie and his legendary music need no introduction…..

Wham Bam Bowie Band presents LIVE, David Bowie’s top charting hits and classics, as well as rarities, deep tracks and fan favorites.

Since 2013 the band has been on a mission to faithfully present Bowie’s classics onstage, music that still influences generations of fans. Their mission has taken on a more solemn tone since the sad loss of Bowie at age 69 in January 2016.

Bandleader Mark Casson became a Bowie fan with countless other young Brits when Bowie and The Spiders From Mars appeared on Top Of The Pops. The legendary performance of Starman inspired him. “We all knew this was something very, very different” he says, recalling the live TV broadcast in his native England.

Thirty years later, Mark was a songwriter living in Nashville, releasing albums of Mod/Beatles/Bowie influenced power popin The Cheeksters, his critically-acclaimed band with his wife Shannon. Mark did a one-off Bowie tribute show in Nashville club; it was not only great fun but a massive success, with fans immediately requesting a repeat performance.

Mark kept the “tribute to Bowie” idea alive, and years after moving to Asheville NC he has assembled a band to continue the idea. Singer Aaron Price is on keys. Andre Cholmondeley of Project/Object, the alumni-based Zappa tribute, is on guitar.Bassist Brett Spivey and Jim Neu, drummer in a Holland based Who tribute, round out the lineup.

The Wham Bam live show features the expected blockbuster 80s hits, as well as classics and fan faves from Space Oddity, Let's Dance & Ashes to Ashes on thru the Hunky Dory, Alladin Sane, and Heroes periods, and even newer material from Bowie’s 2013 release The Next Day.

However, the highlight of the evening for many fans is a COMPLETE PERFORMANCE of Bowie’s collection of hits ChangesOneBowie. 

Wham Bam Bowie Band brings Bowie’s iconic music to life, onstage once again. David Bowie was of course still a very active and creative force, right up to the end. His critically acclaimed #1 album The Next Day surprised fans new and old in 2013, released on his birthday. In 2016 his 69th birthday saw the release of Blackstar, continuing his prolific run. As everyone knows, two days later, sadly David Bowie was to leave our planet, leaving over 50 years of brilliant music for generations to discover and enjoy

Wham Bam Bowie Band is committed to keeping Bowie’s music live onstage, where it belongs !!

Later Event: September 18
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